The new button tool kit


Here is a button tool kit that is very easy to buy and very affordable. This is a trial sale.
It provides a very safe and reliable hand setter and six buttons, It also comes with a non-slip plate.
This tool is small, but you will be amazed at the 2 prong advantage.
And this new tiny tool is a sturdy alloy so it will work for you for a long time.

Eight versions of the button combination were prepared. You are sure to find a set that matches your needs.
All are 17mm ver #1.
3 types of wreaths and star.
All are 17mm ver #2.
Hammered raw metal.
All are 17mm ver #3.
3 kinds(1black) of plains.
All are 17mm ver #4.
Three kinds of wreaths and star.
Button fly kit #1.
Stain black color.
Button fly kit #2.
Antique brass.
Button fly kit #3.
Dark bronze and copper color.
Button fly kit #4.
Raw brass.

This tool is a bit exclusive. It can only be used for one-piece construction and types with a large center hole. It is not compatible with conventional tools(AP-3K).
Please be careful if you buy additional buttons. So if you only need a small amount of buttons, this is the kit for you.
If you want to buy additional buttons, please select buttons whose product name starts with 'L'.
LOS- xxx, LP- xxx, LHD- xxx
Here's a link
to a collection of replenishment buttons on Etsy.


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